Tuesday 19 June 2018

New project - Napoleon in Egypt 20mm 1/72nd Newline Strelets

I've got a thing for camels. There; I've said it. I don't care when, i don't care how, but any army with camels is on my list to do. For so long, I've been looking for 20mm Ottomans so I can do the French invasion of Egypt, but  I could never find anything. Unknown to me, there were  manufacturers producing stuff for at least the last  eight years, that I could have accessed. But no  matter. Irregular had started making them; Newline had started making them and several European  makers had too. Sadly I can't afford a Euro a figure, so as nice as they are the Euro stuff is beyond my reach. I then had a good look at the Irregular and Newline stuff.

Seems like most people have had to push the prices up as lead becomes a rarer, more expensive commodity. I totally get that people have to live and so their incomes need to go up, but I'm surviving on an ever decreasing income. Fortunately, my time left is decreasing too, so I have less need to buy more expensive figures and a greater need to paint and then sell the ones  I have. I was pleasantly surprised to find the  clean looking Newline figures were  less expensive than the Irregular ones, and since I'm determined to put on at least one  battle for  Napoleon's campaign in Egypt, I threw caution to the wind ( financial caution anyhow) and bought a  load of figures from Newline and various plastic manufacturers.

As a test order from Newline I sent out for  some Ottoman artillery, French dromedaries and Grenadiers and from Strelets (various online suppliers) French Light and Line Infantry, some cavalry, and some bashibazouks and mamelukes to make mameluke and irregular cavalry.

For now, I just wanted to show you the  haul of plastic in their boxes. As it will take some time before I get them painted (it took two hours to clean one box  of twelve bashi-bazouks!), Im hoping to have a battle ready force this time next year.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that I could get a reasonable amout of musket armed Janissaries out of a Zvezda box and also I can make some of the other figures into  provincial fellahin and even use a few of the figure from an Italeri Muslim set  to provide ethnic cavalry and foot for the opposing Russians when I get round to doing the Russo -  Turkish battle  of 1807  - 1812!  Happy days :)

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